Worship at Jarvis Memorial UMC

We believe that worship is the most important gathering of our church. We worship every Sunday morning at 8:40, 9:00, and 10:55am. Find out more about our services here. No matter what worship service you attend, you will hear a consistent message rooted in scripture and join with others to faithfully offer our praises to God. Even though we may have different styles of worship, we are united as one body as we seek to offer our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness with faithfulness and excellence.

Why Worship?

Worship is an encounter with the living God. We experience a revelation of God and then we respond in some way in worship. We also worship because we are created in the image of God and we have been hard-wired for a relationship with God. We worship not on our own, but in a community of fellow believers who provide support, encouragement, challenge, and mutual love as we journey through life. Finally, in worship we nurture practices that form us in how to live and act in this world.

As stated in the Book of Worship, “Our worship in both its diversity and its unity is an encounter with the living God through the risen Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit” (BOW 13). Worship is the ultimate expression of our relationship with God. We recognize that all of our worship is a response to God’s seeking us in grace in love. Worship does not start with us, but it invites us to be active participants in the drama of God’s work in our lives and our world. We recognize that God is perfect, holy, righteous, and the many other attributes that describe God’s character. Our worship is also directed toward Jesus Christ whom we praise as Lord of our lives. In worship we proclaim that our ultimate allegiance is to God the creator of the universe and not toward any created thing.


Baptism at Jarvis Memorial is celebrated by the entire church family. Baptism is administered by putting a small amount of water on the head.  The entire church has a role in every baptism as the members and family or sponsor(s) pledge together to help the person or child being baptized to grow in faith.


We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month at each of our services. In the United Methodist tradition, communion is open to all, including children.

The Christian Year

The church’s worship is structured in a way that marks the rhythm of days, weeks, seasons, and years. The church year begins with Advent when we prepare for Jesus’ birth on Christmas. In Epiphany we celebrate the life and ministry of Jesus among us. In Lent, we prepare for passion week where we recall the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus on Easter. On Pentecost we remember the descending of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples and the beginning of the church. The regular pattern and practice of these events within the worship life of the church deepens our sense of Christian identity and we understand our lives more and more in the context of God’s story of redemption.

As we celebrate different seasons in the church year, the colors on the altar and vestments of the clergy will change to reflect the season. At Jarvis Memorial UMC, we also celebrate many of the special holidays of the church with worship services outside of our regular Sunday morning. We hope you can join us for Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and other celebrations in the life of our church.